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ABA is a full service TPA. We provide administrative services for Partially Self-Funded Health Plans, Cafeteria Plans, Managed Service Organizations and Independent Practice Associations. Our products include:

Employee Benefit Administration

  • Partially Self-Funded Health Plans Design and Administration
    Medical Plan Administration
    Rx Plan Administration
    Dental Plan Administration
    Disability Benefit Administration
    Vision Plan Administration
    Life Benefit Administration
  • Partially Self-Funded High Deductible Health Plan Design and Administration
  • Cafeteria Plans Design and Administration
    Child Care Expenses (Sec. 129)
  • Managed Health Care Contracts MHC/MSO
    Contract Bookkeeping
    Provider Stop-Loss Insurance
    Division of Income
    Professional Liability Insurance
    Encounter Tracking
    Directors & Officers Liability Insurance
    Claims Administration

Loss and Liability Insurance

  • Provider Stop-Loss Insurance
  • Professional Liability Insurance
  • Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

Claims Administration

  • Encounter Tracking
  • Utilization Review
  • Fee negotiation
  • Cost management
  • Management Fee Negotiation


  • Custom Benefit Design
  • COBRA Administration
  • HIPAA Certification
  • Plan Document Set-up
  • ERISA Compliance
  • SPD Production
  • Form 5500 Assistance